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1st Line Technology for leakage restoration of desulphurization section pipes
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Coking chemical industry is an important part of steel industry with the production of coke, which can be used as the fuel for blast furnace process. The chemicals produced in coking process can be recovered and processed to extract many products such as coke, ammonia, naphthalene, hydrogen sulfide, crude benzene, etc. Due to the influence of the production media, pipe leakage happens sometimes. Some of the reasons causing the leakage are as follows:

  Desulphurization pipe leaking over time due to the gas cavity or slag inclusion in the pipe welding joint or incomplete penetration of welding, or cracking and sand hole on pipe fittings.

  Highly corrosive desulphurization liquid transported in the pipe.

  The pull cracks of the pipe connected to the desulphurization pipe due to the tension produced by its self weight.

  The strength degradation of the pipe caused by fatigue, concentration of aging stress, etc.

  Unreasonable sealing design

  Poor quality of manufacture

  Improper installation

  Aging and invalidity of seal

1st Line series of products have an extremely high adhesive force and excellent compression strength. 1st Line polymer composites can reduce downtime and even repairing with pressure, and can rapidly and effectively solve the gas pipe leakage problems. It guarantees the high speed operating efficiency, as well as avoids the safety risk brought by the gas leakage. While solving the leakage problem of a variety of pipes for enterprise, it can also function as pipeline strength rehabilitation to make sure the continuous production of enterprises.


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