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Gas Pipe Repairing Technology
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When gas pipe is exposed in the open air for a long time, it will inevitably suffer from various damage and leakage after several years due to many reasons like corrosion and stress, bringing high safety risk and huge economic loss. If replacing the whole pipeline with new one, it will not only have a large amount of work to do, but also is costly and have a long project cycle. It gains a great attention of the world that how to effectively and conveniently repair pipes.Therefore, it is very important to enhance thepipe repairing technology.

1st Line series products have strong adhesion and excellent compressive strength. 1st Line polymer composites can reduce downtime, and efficiently solve gas pipe leakage problem. It guarantee the high operating efficiency, as well as reduce the safety risk brought by the pipe leakage so that solve all kinds of leakage and penetration problems for industrial enterprises, meanwhile strength local pipe to guarantee enterprise’s continues and safe production.

The following picture shows application examples.

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