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Providing Integrated Equipment Operation Cost Control Solutions for Customers

For a long time, there are many outstanding problems existing in the equipment operation process, such as backward maintenance technology, rising energy consumption, low equipment efficiency, frequent accident, serious pollution discharge, which not only cause the deterioration of microscopic economy and the burst of social contradiction, but also directly influence the overall quality of Chinese industrial economy, international competitiveness, sustainable development and many other important aspects.

At the same time, with the structural adjustment of Chinese economy and the stricter trending of the new policies and rules, the developing model which is based on the “three competition”- scale competition, equipment competition and price competition - and the“three highs” - high energy consumption, high pollution and high cost - will be hard to continue. Although during this period, Chinese industrial economy is developing rapidly, the price it pays is also enormous.

Facts have proven that it is a new challenge faced to the future development of Chinese industrial enterprises that how to ensure the equipment in a good, safe and efficient operation condition while realize the requirement of low energy consumption, low discharge and low cost. From the perspective of reality, the existing problems are urgent, complicated and long term, and this status is unavoidable and cannot be leaped over.

The Three Features of Equipment Operation Cost

Macro view refers to that under the connection built between equipment operation relations and its operation structure, the cost factors can be classified to the categories they belongs to so that we can clearly see the direct relation among the operation condition, consumption, discharge and many other factors, systematically showing where the important factors of overall equipment operation cost lies.


By medium view, we mean that after the equipment operation cost is systematized, it is highlighted under five models - maintenance, efficiency, security, energy saving and environment protection so that there are clear emphasis on equipment operation cost management to find out and classify the existing or potential cost factors under each model, and eventually provides the precondition for microscopic and measurable cost analysis.


From micro view, on the basis of modularization of equipment operation cost, the microscopic cost factors is tend to be clearer so that the explicit & implicit cost, direct & indirect cost, current cost & future cost become obvious for us. It greatly enhance the recognizable degree of the equipment operation cost so as to provide accurate, timely and reasonable solutions.

Chinese economy is entering a new turning point. The economy growth slow-down, structure adjustment chocking and earlier policy digestion period has come, which makes the future economy situation we faces more complicated. Therefore the uncertainty, unbalance and fragility of the economy will undoubtedly reveal. Facing the challenge of the above disadvantageous objective factors, enterprises should take some effective measures. One of the measures is to strengthen the internal management of enterprise, such as adjust the investment scale, operation scale and market scale, but most importantly, they should strengthen the equipment management ability and control the operation cost.

Based on the above description, it is the core business of 1st Line Company for the future development to provide integrated equipment operation cost control solution for users. Early in 2008, 1st Line Company has started the preparation work for the core business transformation, and finish the design and operation of business model in 2012. During this period, 1st Line Company takes many actions to put the measures into practice. It also build a reliable cooperation relationship with many famous enterprises and scientific research institutions to provide innovative solution for equipment operation cost control and optimization in the area of maintenance, security, efficiency, energy consumption and environment.

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