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Super Sealant/Lubricant
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Gear drive is one of the most common drive mode of mechanic transmission, and its operation condition will directly influence the working condition of the mechanical system. Therefore, it is essential to provide an effective protection for gear drive. Gear lubrication is an effective way to reduce transmission wear, improve parts working condition and enhance its expected service life. Hence, during the daily maintenance of the gear, many issues have drawn the attention of on-site technicians, such as how to create an excellent lubricating condition, adopting a proper lubricating technology to avoid the damage of gear surface, friction control, wear and vibration reduction, etc.

At present, lubrication is not just a lubricating technology , but also involved in the company management field, such as equipment management and production management, including many categories such as efficiency enhancement, energy saving, environmental protection and safety, etc, and becomes a new economic growth point.

Super Sealant/Lubricant

Super Sealant/Lubricant is a special inert material with multiple purpose, mainly used for reducing the contact between metals. As a thread sealing compound, this product will form a contact area between external thread and internal thread, which can protect the joint from the influence of friction and wear. This product is an excellent additive for gear case. It will form a film on the inside parts to reduce friction, gear noise and leakage. It can also reduce the force moment stress to meet the dynamic pressure reduction requirement. It can be used on the gasket or used as a supplement filler, which can prevent liquid leakage by means of sealing.

This product can be applied to stainless steel, aluminum, iron, barium, glass fiber and plastic, and will not be affected by acid, alkali or common solvent. Main applications include thread seal, gear case additive, gasket protection, pump lubrication, low temperature seal and O ring lubricant.

Application Case

The severe leakage in the operation process of equipment brings many bad impacts on production. The traditional method is to dismantle and replace the sealing gasket and repair the contact area, which requires a long downtime.  It is impossible for traditional method to conduct  repairing work when equipment is in operation. Super Sealant/Lubricant has a superior lubricating performance, and it can reduce the clearance between meshing parts, and reduce the noise of equipment, as well as oil leakage problem of dynamic sealing part. It is an additive for oil product, and will not cause pollution to oil product or cause deterioration to oil product. It can solve the safety problem in production without downtime, and save a large amount of repair and replacement cost.

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