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Electronic Descaler
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Electronic descaling device is a fundamental universal device which can prevent the generation of scale, as well as protect the equipment. Without any additives, it is safe and environmentally-friendly. The electronic descaling device is successfully developed based on many years of experience and research, focusing on its functionality, easy installation, efficiency and the range of protection. It makes sure a fast return on investment. This device can prevent the formation of new scale, as well as remove the existing scale deposited in the pipe.

Electronic descaling device is developed based on many years of experience and know-how on hard water treatment, and have the following advantages:

* Save the time on hard scale removal.

* Save the energy on heating water in scale blocked appliance (scale will insulate heat).

* Environmental friendly. It will not change the chemical content of water during process, but it changes the water performance and prevent the deposit of hard scale. It contains no chemicals and salts.

* Without worrying about pipe blockage and appliance damage.

* It will not reduce water flow rate.

* During its service life of 20 years, it will save a large cost on scale removal.

Equipment Description

An electronic descaling device contains an electronic unit and winding coil. There is a generator installed on the electronic unit, which can power coil and special control & signal loop. The complete equipment is sealed and packed by a special material, which will guarantee a longer service time, and no failure under high load condition.

The coil set is made up of at least two coils to make sure the coil can provide an enough valid length when the amount of water flow is large. The coil is made up of cables which equipped with silicon insulator, which can resist the impact of high temperature and other radical environment.

Application Case

Metallurgy Industry

Steel company installed two electronic descaling device on the cooling system of No.2 blast furnace in order to prevent scale and provide protection.


Power Industry

An electronic descaling device is installed on one of the two parallel pipes - the DN200 pipe. The unit is installed inside a building, while the coil is installed outside. One year later, the two pipes are opened and the condition inside the pipe has been recorded. The left pipe is protected by descaling device for one year while the right pipe is without any protection during the time of one year. The daily operation condition of the two pipes are exactly the same. However, the scaling condition is apparently different - there is a thick scale deposit in the pipe without any protection.


Petrochemical Industry

The descaling device is installed on the pipe of Chemical plant. This device is installed with 3 sets of coils due to the pipe size over 500 mm. Picture 1 is the coil installed, and picture 2 shows the view with different angles.


Paper Industry

Two devices were installed on the input pipe of the plate heat exchanger as a protection to the heat exchanger.


Food Industry

An electronic descaling device is installed in Distillery to protect the exchanger where the spirituous vapors are condensed. Due to the space limitation of the spirituous vapors equipment, the electronic part of the descaling device is installed separately.


The application guide of electronic descaling device in each industry

Metallurgy (Mining, Beneficiation, Oxygen production, Sintering, Steel Rolling, Pudding, Cocking, Iron Alloy, Non-ferrous Metal)

* Cooling water system * Waste water recirculation system *Cooling tower

* Blooming furnace * Sintering furnace          *High-frequency induction furnace

* Medium-frequency induction furnace    * Converter *Boiler

* Rolling mill * Bischoff tower * Condenser

* Cooler * Heat exchanger

Petroleum and Chemical (Oil Production, Oil Refining, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Fertilizer, Saltworks, Chlor-alkali and Rubber & plastic)

* Oil field multipurpose station heating furnace * Winter thermal insulation oil pipeline

* Winter insulation pipeline for wastewater recycling * Oil-water separator/heater

* Dowtherm oil pipeline * Boiler * Steam pipeline

* Reboiler * Cooling tower * Cooling tower

* Reaction kettle * Gas compressor * Air heater

*  Air compressor * Refrigeration station *Plate heat exchanger

* Extrusion pelletizer * Mixer * Vacuum coating machine

* Water recirculation pipeline * Condenser * Cooler

* Crude oil gathering pipeline* Tank insulation pipeline * Slurry evaporator

* Sewage treatment system * Feed vaporizer * Cooler of air compressor

Power Industry (Thermal Power, Nuclear Power)

* Condenser * Furnace slag waste water * Air compressor

* Heat island heat exchanging pipeline * Recirculation cooling water pipeline

* Economizer * Superheater * Water wall

* Air cooling radiator * High/low pressure heater * Flue gas heat reclaimer

* High/low pressure heater * Boiler flue gas heat reclaimer * Deaerator

* Sewage system

Paper/textile industry(paper making, textile, dyeing)

* Boiler * Evaporator * Cooler

* Pulp treatment equipment * Sewage treatment system * Workshop humidifier

* Heat exchanger * Dyeing treatment equipment   * Emulsification treatment equipment

* Refining treatment equipment  * Hydraulic loom

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