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Paraffin & Asphaltene Reducer
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1. Product Overview

Paraffin & asphaltene reducer is a proprietary formulated, rapid acting product specially designed to remove the deposit and blockage of paraffin and asphalt in the pipeline. It is non-corrosive and non-hazardous. It removes the deposits and blockages on a maintenance basis, and prevents re-occurrence of buildup on a preventative basis.

2. Product Characteristic

Paraffin & asphaltene reducer is a blend of special aromatic hydrocarbon, which can dissolve and disperse asphaltenes, neutral resin and paraffin in the range of C8 - C55 at ambient temperature. This product has a high flash point and is environmentally friendly. Without the need of heating, it can be continuously feed into the oil port or the midstream/downstream of infrastructure. It is a product with mobility, and keeps the paraffin and asphalt suspending from pithead to refining factory.

3. Product Property

Appearance:  Colorless

Odor:  Product specific

pH:  7

Density:  0.85g/cm3

Vapor pressure:  6.6hPa

Flash Point:  66°C

Freezing Point: -30°C

Corrosive: No

Solubility in Oil:  Soluble

Solubility in Water:  Emulsifiable

Ignition temperature:  265°C

4. Product Advantage

* Remove the paraffin and asphalt from oil well, oil pipeline, and oil tank

*Heavy oil flow enhancement

*Increase production for wells and pipelines

*Recover sludge deposits from tanks and separates emulsified water

*Increase equipment life and lower operating costs with a high return on investment.

Paraffin & asphaltene reducer cleans out the deposit generated during oil production, reduces the viscosity of crude oil, and improves production efficiency. This product works in a wide range of temperature and pressure.

5.Market Cooperation

Now seek market distributor, project cooperator and strategic investor in China.

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