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Low Surface Energy Nonstick Coating
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1. Product Overview

This low surface energy nonstick coating is a water-based, epoxy organosilicone and low surface energy coating with excellent mold release, anti-slippery and abrasive resistant property. It has excellent adhesive force when applied on premier and other coatings.

2. Physical Property

Coating type: Water based epoxy organosilicone

Color:   Multiple

Application time: 60 minutes@20°C

Induction time: No

Solid content: 52% by weight

Coverage:   Approximately 200 square feet@3 mil dry film thickness

Tensile strength: >1750 psi

Elasticity ASTM2370:>5%

Adhesive force ASTM D451:>1000psi

Abrasive resistance (CS17/Kg/1000 revolutions):  loss < 38mg

Curing time:   5 days at room temperature

Dry to touch time :   2 hours

Forced curing time: Heating 30 minutes under 148°C, and 4 hours under 65°C.

VOC content ASTM3960: 1.1#/gl

Heat resistance: No more than 162℃under continuous service condition.

Shelf life: Maximum 6 months with package if shaken well.

3. Product Advantage

* Strong and durable anti-abrasive coating

* Excellent releasing property like Teflon

* Smooth surface

* Low surface energy

* Low friction coefficient to reduce friction

* Chemical resistance

* Easy to clean

* Hydrophobic

* Low VOC content water-based formulation

* Airless spray, roller or brush application

4.Product Application

* Canal head gate * Pipeline interior * Assembly line

* Conveyor * Tank * Funnel

*Aqueduct * Air duct * Fan blades

* Screw conveyor * Snowblower * Ground drill

5.Market Cooperation

Now seek market distributor, project cooperator and strategic investor in China.

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