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Tech Center

The research center of Zibo 1st Line Composites Co. Ltd is a special research and test center which is built to focus on the research on the application and innovation of new material and technology, combining with the technical resource database of Micava International cooperative platform to solve equipment management problems for industrial company with new technology and material. The research center is comprised of Technical Research Center(TRC), Project Application Center(PAC), innovative Research and Development Center(R&DC) and Doctor Workstation of 1st Line Company. Since its establishment, the research center has made full use of its independent innovation ability which is professional and advanced, and have developed many patent products and technologies, and continuously turns the developmental achievement into onsite technology. It provides  the industrial company with a steady flow of high quality technologies of equipment management, and make an outstanding contribution to the area of promoting new material research and development.

Technical Research Center

Combining the technical database of 1st Line Company accumulated for more than 10 years, Technical Research Center mainly focus on integrating various of technical resources, and providing innovative solutions in optimizing equipments operating cost control regarding the aspects of maintenance, security, efficiency, cost reduction and environmental protection by innovative cutting-edge technology and innovative core activities.

Innovative Research and Development Center

Since its establishment in 2005, the Research and Development Center (R&DC ) has focused on the research and application of new material and technology. The personnel in this team is young and full of energy, and the personnel with master degree or above accounts for 75%. They have rich research achievements and have won national patent and technical innovative award for several times. Their research has greatly enriched the product line. Besides, they actively communicate with elites and professors from various industries to enhance their research and development level. They have continuously broken various domestic and overseas blockages , and successfully developed many new materials and technologies by their own effort in study, and try their best to make contribution to the objective of the companys insist on the innovative development path.

Project Application Center

The Project Application Center (PAC) of 1st Line Company is a special technical development and engineering application institution which is formally approved to build as Zibo technical research center of anti-corrosion and remediation project with polymer material for industry equipment  on the basis of strict selecting, evaluating, reviewing by the specialists from Zibo Science and Technology Bureau on the new material development ability and remarkable results achieved. The establishment of the center also implies that Zibo 1st Line Company has more ability and qualification in undertaking relevant national and provincial technical R&D innovative projects. Approval of the special technical R&D center means a highly recognition of  a series of achievements of Zibo 1st Line Company by the government, Science and Technology Bureau and industry specialists of Zibo City, and even more a confirmation and encourage to Zibo 1st Line Companys polymer composites technology and R&D ability.

Doctor Workstation

The research center of 1st Line Company is also a workstation for doctors in professional field engaging in science research and program practice. It undertakes the research of proactive subject and relevant industry expansion, the subject of which covers many areas such as research, technical development, etc, and provide technical support for company’s continuously updated solutions. Only researcher and mentor with high research level can provide powerful support to companys business development and technical expansion. The setup of the doctor workstation not only provides more intelligent resource for the innovative development works, but also offers more advanced and diversified technical resources for 1st Company in servicing customer and meeting customers requirement.

In decades of years of development process, Zibo 1st Line Company has accumulated a large amount of technologies, equipment problems and successful experiences, with which it has established a database of equipment management. Based on this database and combining the talent advantage and technical advantage of Micava International cooperative platform, Zibo 1st Line Company provides innovative solution in maintenance, security, efficiency, consumption reduction and environmental protection for industrial company, and creates many breakthrough and innovative applications, which have saved many equipments life , reduced huge loss for users and have been widely recognized by users. Meanwhile, the research center has established a close cooperative relationship with developed countries to get advanced technical resource continuously, thus to become more specialization and systematization in solving industrial equipment maintenance problem with new materials and technologies, so that contribute to the proceeding of new material development strategy of China and provide the state-of the-art technology and resource to industrial enterprise.

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