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Green technologies key to boosting air quality in Chinese cities: UNEP chief
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Large-scale adoption of green technologies in key sectors like manufacturing and transport is key to boosting air quality in Chinas major cities, said Erik Solheim, the Executive Director of United Nations Environment Program.

Many Chinese cities has suffered from severe smog since the beginning of winter, and it has evoked the anxiety of citizens towards air quality. According to Solheim in an interview, environment pollution is inevitable in many developing economies, but air pollution and other environment problems will bring an extra huge cost in health and many other areas to government. He said that ignoring the environment and health risk would not only bring labor cost, but also put pressure on health service department. Therefore, it is important to enhance the management of pollution.

Regarding how to control environmental pollution, he said that like many other challenges, environmental pollution was complicated, and has many interrelated factors. Therefore, it can not be solved in a short time by a simple method. According to him, it might be a feasible way to adopt green technology, promote green economy so as to create green jobs, and encourage private sector to fund all the exciting technologies that will be needed to achieve cleaner growth.

He noted that adoption of hybrid cars and metros is a giant step toward solving air quality challenges in Chinese metropolises.

Solheim hailed Chinas quest to become a leader in development of hybrid and electric vehicles that pollute less, and believed that it would be an effective way to enhance air quality in many big cities of China. He said that it would be helpful to reduce the exhaust of vehicles and take more intervention measures such as increase of the investment on rapid transit systems.

"Technical solutions are there and will offer enormous markets for Chinese companies," Solheim said, adding that environmental protection career should be regarded as a business opportunity.

Solheim appealed to increase in green technology investment continuously, and tap the potential of wind energy and solar energy so as to find the sustainable solutions for smog. He said that he had confidence in China to well solve the air pollution problem.

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