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Industry prosperity degree is increasing, creating a large space for soil remediation market
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Since 2017, 13 provinces in China such as Guangdong, Qinghai, Gansu have published their local “Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Work Plan”, and Guangxi has gained the first batch of special funds for soil pollution prevention and control. Apparently, under the stimulus of supporting policies, the soil remediation industry prosperity degree is continuously increasing, creating a huge growth space.

Lately, China attaches great importance to the environmental protection work, especially the soil remediation area which has a slow development. On July, 2016, the State Council printed and distributed “soil pollution prevention and Control Action Plan”, which confirms the objective that by 2020, the safe utilization rate of pollution plots reaches 90% and above.

Besides, the central government asked the local governments to publish local soil prevention and control work plan before the end of 2016, which confirms the key work and goals. The treatment guidelines launched by both central and local government point out the direction for the future industry development.

In the most recent period, there comes many good news for soil pollution treatment continuously. Firstly, the environment ministry publishes “Soil Environment Management Measures in Polluted Plot (trial)”which pointed out a lifelong responsibility system for soil pollution treatment and remediation; then Guangxi has gained a special fund of 510 million for soil pollution prevention and control.

Thus it can be seen that the policies relating to the soil pollution treatment is accelerating to come into force, and the relating financial support is gradually in place. Under multiple good news, soil remediation industry is expected to meet a turning point.

According to the data from “Report of Market Outlook and Investment Strategy Plan & Analysis of Soil Remediation Industry in China”published by Forward-looking Industry Research Institution, soil remediation industry has the largest market space, up to 460 trillion RMB, among environmental segments during the “Thirteenth Five Year Plan”period. Besides, due to the long term requirement of environment control, soil remediation industry will keep a high prosperity degree for a long time, and the future market scale will reach ten trillion.

The prospect of soil remediation industry also attract many enterprises and talents to join. According to the report, by Sep 2016, the employees of soil remediation industry are increased to 12000, and the companies are increased to around 2000-3000.

With the release of industry policy, more capital and enterprises will be attracted into this industry for a long period in the future, and more soil remediation project will spring up, creating a considerable prospect.

However, soil remediation industry is facing many obstacles, such as lack of talents, encapsulation of industry information, heavy reliance on the import of special equipment, and incompletion of industry standard system. All the problems restrict the further development of industry.

In general, with the increasing attention to soil remediation area and the construction of relatively complete soil remediation management system, more soil remediation project will be created, so the market demand will expanding, and the industry prospect becomes clearer and clearer.

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